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The Lubbock Compact, a grassroots organization that wants to save what it calls "Old Lubbock", will hold a virtual town hall meeting Thursday evening. And, the group, which started on Facebook, has formed a board of directors.

Here is a news release from Lubbock Compact:

Working to be more representative and inclusive of the community it serves, The Lubbock Compact is proud to announce board members from across East, North, and Central Lubbock who represent the racial, religious, socio-economic, and gender diversity of this city.

 After the Compact’s initial success in creating meaningful discussion around the release of the disparity report, the organization continues to grow rapidly. In order to address the climbing membership with a plan for safe, coherent growth, the Lubbock Compact is pleased to announce its newly elected Board of Directors. 

Serving as an oversight committee, the board of directors will provide a vision to assure that the Compact pursues urban revitalization, environmental justice, social disparity, and more. The Lubbock Compact Board will be holding a virtual town hall on Thursday, August 27th at 6 p.m. to discuss what they’re doing right now to imagine a better Lubbock.

Perla Sosa is President of the Board, Jafar Abdullah is Secretary, and Robert Baxter is Treasurer. Perla is excited to begin her tenure as Board President, “It is an incredible organization with ambitious goals. I look forward to my time as president of the board in order to oversee the completion of both established and future goals for the organization.”

The Lubbock Compact continues to fight for proper impact fees to be implemented into the City’s 2021 budget and has created new and unique ways for citizens to get involved with local government. You can find more information on the Compact’s efforts here. 

About The Lubbock Compact

The Lubbock Compact is a diverse group of Lubbock citizens taking action based on the findings and recommendations of the Lubbock Disparity Report.

The above information is a news release from Lubbock Compact.

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