New Mexico radiation leak not a threat to public health

A radiation leak in Carlsbad, New Mexico early in February has lead to more trace radiation that was detected. A Texas Tech professor said there is no health concern.
More trace radiation  has been detected following a leak in an underground nuclear waste dump in Carlsbad, New Mexico in early February. The U.S. Department of Energy has reported that the results are from samples collected last week at monitoring stations around the plant.

The facility stored plutonium contaminated waste from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Energy experts say not to worry. Ron Chesser is a professor at Texas Tech and is the director of the Center for Environmental Radiation Studies.

"We're talking extremely low levels of radiation that would be difficult to detect above just natural background radiation that we all live in," he said.

He also said in this day and age authorities will be very clear and honest about when radiation levels become a danger.
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